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Calling your band When The Sun Hits takes away any ambiguity about where your major influence/inspiration is coming from straight away…………..however the 5 piece Nottingham band are more that mere Slowdive copyists. Behind the crashing waves of blissed out guitars there is a steely Post Punk backbone and a dynamic propulsive rhythm section. New from Saint Marie Records, When The Sun Hits’ 6 track Immersed Within Your Eyes EP mixes together expansive soundscapes (check the gorgeous ‘Cooper’s Secret’) with grittier songs, such as ‘Lovedead Town’, that evokes the scene from back in the day but sound thoroughly modern.
— https://theepsychedelicatessen.blogspot.co.uk/2017/09/minitures-jessamines-saint-marie.html
Turnabout is fair play: Slowdive named themselves after a Siouxsie and The Banshees song, and this Nottingham quartet named themselves after a track from Slowdive’s oft-overlooked Souvlaki album. They’ve been around for about six years and actually recorded this a while ago; thankfully, nugaze specialists Saint Marie have finally rescued it from oblivion. The mini album (six tracks in a little under half an hour) begins promisingly with ‘The Last Night’, a slithering, simmering boil with more than a passing resemblance to early Verve (the good, psychedelic stuff before they added the definite article and sold out…stadiums). 8/10
— https://soundblab.com/reviews/albums/19209-when-the-sun-hits-immersed-within-your-eyes
the beauty of ‘Immersed Within Your Eyes’ is that lyrics are secondary to the instrumental enchantment that is happening here. ‘Twilight’ echoes around your head with no vocals, allowing a kind of emotional freedom just for a few minutes. ‘Steropium’ sounds immense on record, which only leaves one to imagine how amazing it’s going to sound live.

There is definitely something special about this band, and their emersion marks some perfect timing; we have been needing to see more shoegaze bands like this pushing through and get the recognition that seems to be missing.
— http://www.contactmusic.com/music/when-the-sun-hits-immersed-within-your-eyes-ep-review